Michael Eric Dyson Speaks Facts

Fani Willis Scores Major Victory Against Donald Trump in Georgia RICO Case

Trump has gone out of his way to blast the charges from the Georgia jurisdiction as a violation of his free speech rights under the First Amendment, as well as a political witch hunt on the part of the state of Georgia.  While most of this is basic Trump talk, spouted all over Truth Social, […]

Audio News

QUESTION:  Is a black media platform needed in the current state of the world today?  Leave a comment below.       Record Your Audio Comment Start Recording Stop Recording Play Recording Save Recording Leave your comment, 1 minute or less about the story and photo or video you see mentioned herein. Your opinion may […]

Instant syndication on 42 platforms

Dear Small Business Owner, We are excited to introduce you to Omnipresent Live, a unique advertising platform designed to help your business reach a wider audience

Live Streaming Music: A Comprehensive Guide

Omnipresent Live streaming is transforming the ways musicians perform and engage with their audience.

UAPs UFO Hearing are in our airspace

Make Money from Audio & Video in 2024

Make Money from Audio & Video in 2024

Black Strength + Media

The Black community holds a significant portion of the buying power in the United States, with an estimated $1.4 trillion in 2020.

Understanding Video CopyRight

In the realm of professional broadcasting, safeguarding your content is paramount.

Sunday Night Beefs, Original Series

Sunday Night Beefs is a unique show created by LA Wright, for Omnipresent Live. The show allows two boxers to settle their differences in the ring. The concept is simple: two fighters sign up, each, and have a boxing match to hash out their differences. The fights are seen on Omnipresent Live $99 Cent pay […]
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