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Bed Stuy Halloween Video Game Tournament

Welcome to the Bed Stuy Halloween Havoc Video Game Tournament is a three day event featuring various games to play in competition. Including 2k 23. The event is open to teens during the daylight hours and adults after 6pm This is a 50-50 contest. First place wins a prize. There will also be 2nd place […]

Understanding Stream Payouts

STREAMING PAYOUTS PER PLATFORM & ROYALTIES CALCULATOR SEAN FITZJOHN MUSIC MARKETING TIPS Last updated:April 28, 2022 Disclosure: We may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. Read our full affiliate disclosure here. How much does each streaming platform payout?Use our streaming payouts calculator to see how much you can earn.What is an ‘album […]

FunBash Announce Partnership With Showboat Resort and Super American Circus In Atlantic City

FunBash Fun Fair will be coming to Atlantic City this Summer under the Super American Circus Tent right next to the Showboat Resort and Convention Hotel from July to August. The partnership is design to entertain thousands of families all summer with great games in the sand, trapes performers, great food and music. “The aim […]

Promo Stage

Watch On: Twitter TikTok Amazon FireTV Play 99 CENT Watch On: FB/Watch Linkedin Roku YouTube Live The most viewed open mic show in the world Promo Stage is a multi genre original series streamed on all major platforms aspiring performing artists upload audition videos for a chance to perform live at a streamed pay per […]

Promoters Wanted

Come promote events at this new venue. Earn 25% of what your list or promotions generate. If you have what it takes, let’s discuss your portion of the bar proceeds generated by your promotion. Multiple events to promote i.e., comedy, caribbean, old school and more. Call or text today. Do remember: ” This is the […]

Camera Operators Barter 4 Ownership

Sign up and start earning today. We cover air / ground & hotels. Let’s work. Live stream and or pre recorded content placed on all platforms to earn for you and your partner, that’s us. 50 – 50 split on everything we produce. No money out of pocket for you. Content owners: #Cartoons #MusicVideos #RealtyShows […]