To build and maintain momentum as a musician, you must be willing to overcome your fears and put yourself out there. You’ll build momentum by creating awareness and engaging with your target audience. And to maintain that momentum, you must continue to release music, and create content. We are providing you the platform to accomplish all of the above without spending a penny.

Do you have a Masters Degree in Procrastination 

You watched and admired Tupac Biggie Nas JayZ  and many others.  Now your seeing new artist popping up and getting to the bag.  Still you ask yourself, why have I not popped off yet?  To get the proverbial ball rolling, you’ll need to put in some serious blockwork. It’s similar to getting a large boulder moving from a completely stationary position. To initiate that first bit of movement is when you have to exert the most effort. After that, it’s about maintaining the momentum and steering the boulder along its course. Get Out The House! Your office is the night clubs, you must have a STRONG relationship with the DJ’s not the computers.

If you’re going to have a career at all, you must find the strength within you to get things moving forward. PROMO STAGE will get this done. And it’s not just about putting in the physical part of the work. Should confidence and self-esteem be an issue, you’ll need to make a concerted effort to work on this platform and this opportunity for all it can provide.

When you decide to pursue a career in music, it’s time to set aside any insecurities. PROMO STAGE will help you do just that. When you hit the stage and give the people watching around the world at home a full concert complete with interviews, dressing rooms bloopers, special surprise guest for $0.99 and viewers at home have access to purchase your performance song in real time during the entire concert.

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