“This arrangement features an 80-20 split in favor of the indie artist. It covers all aspects, including promotion, marketing, radio play, and interviews.”

Sponsored by: REBEL 107.9 A iHeart Station


April 20th Release Date

“Every artist included in the compilation should be affiliated with one of the PROs listed below to ensure receipt of royalty payments.”

Pseudo Independant

  1. Spotify: One of the largest music streaming platforms globally, where users can discover and listen to your tracks.
  2. Apple Music / iTunes: Accessible to millions of Apple device users, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac users.
  3. YouTube: Share your music through videos and reach a massive audience.
  4. SoundCloud: A platform for sharing music and connecting with fans.
  5. Deezer: A global streaming service available in multiple countries.
  6. Amazon Music: Reach Amazon Prime members and other subscribers.
  7. TIDAL: A high-fidelity streaming service known for its artist-friendly features.
  8. Pandora: A personalized internet radio service.
  9. Instagram: Share short music clips with your followers.
  10. Facebook: Share music on your artist page or through posts.
  11. TikTok: A popular platform for short-form videos, including music.
  12. Twitter: Share your music with your Twitter followers.
  13. Shazam: Users can discover your music by identifying it through the Shazam app.


Omnipresent Live provides premium distribution services. Our compilations allow independent artists to reach a wide audience across various platforms. Here are the specific platforms to which Omnipresent Live distributes all music: Two choices, left side & right side. Pick one.

100% Independant

  1. Do you really need any help from any of those platforms or a record label.
  2. Remember that maintaining your independence + ownership while distributing your music to a global audience is the goal.
  3. We offer you unlimited storage for a low monthly fee, allowing you to keep 100% of your sales, ownership and royalties.
  4. Sell your music and video content in our store and get 100% of all sales.
  5. Share your music commercially, in worldwide marketing campaigns on the best TV shows for the content.  Always maintaining all royalties and monies.

Tv Shows