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Promo Stage Pay Per View – Watch or stream on any device or, platform for only $0.99! 

This vocal and performance driven Competition is designed for singers, rappers, cover song singers and the unusual who would like to challenge themselves in a very competitive environment. The Competition is open to solo vocalists and vocal groups of all ages, nationalities and countries.

Participants are required to create an account to submit video recording materials for the audition. And if you can not be present in Brooklyn, New York City on the day of filming the live Pay Per View event that is .#PromoStage.

A panel of qualified judges [THE VIEWERS] will evaluate audition materials free to determine who will perform on the Live PPV.  Using a very simple 1 Vote per device / home system, with a few security measures we will not reveal.

Indie Artist and Singers from 8 countries different U.S. states, .#Canada, .#China, .#Egypt, .#Germany, .#HongKong, .#India, .#Jamaica .#Lithuania, Macedonia, Philippines, .#Singapore, .#South .#Korea and .#Thailand. applied already for season [1] one Competition: Local Talent..This Shit Is Serious.Be PrePared!


We invite all genres of performers to participate in the Competition. There is no age limit for the teens to enter [VIA VIDEO].  Adults over 21 years can participant at venue.

Multiple winners will be chosen in each of the following age groups:
Cover Song Singers
Hip Hop Artist
12 – 44
 Caribbean Artist
15 – 44 
18 and older 

Vocal Competition Awards

Since the situation with COVID-19 Global Health Crisis is still uncertain, winners will be offered to perform at 1 venue on the dates to be announced, or you will receive a Winner’s Package by mail.

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