The Power of Black Consumers in Media: Dollars, Influence, and Empowerment


The influence of Black consumers in media extends far beyond mere viewership. It encompasses economic power, cultural impact, and the potential for transformative change. In this comprehensive analysis, we delve into the buying power of Black people in media, explore the benefits of an all-Black-owned media company, and envision the profound impact such a venture could have on generations to come.

1. The Buying Power of Black People in Media

A. Economic Impact

Black consumers wield significant economic influence. Let’s break down the numbers these are our strengths:



    1. Total Black Buying Power: Currently, Black buying power stands at over $1.6 trillion and is projected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2024. This immense financial clout underscores the importance of understanding how Black dollars flow within the media landscape.

    1. Wage Disparities: The median annual wage for Black workers is approximately 30% lower than that of white workers, resulting in a staggering $220 billion annual disparity. Addressing this wage gap could propel an estimated two million Black Americans into the middle class for the first time.

    1. Online Shopping: African Americans are 48% more likely to shop online than the average household, emphasizing the importance of digital platforms in reaching this demographic.

B. Cultural Influence


    1. Social Media Advocacy: African Americans are nearly three times as likely to use social media to support their favorite white owned companies and brands. Our collective voice amplifies messages and drives change. We are strong! Its past due time to close ranks now.

    1. Expectations from Brands: Black consumers expect brands to take a stance on social issues. Brands that align with their values are 37% more likely to earn their loyalty. Translation, they think we are stupid. All it takes is a press release to win us over. Misinformation!!

2. The Benefits of All-Black-Owned Media Companies United

A. Ownership and Representation


    1. Empowerment: An All-Black-owned media company would provide a platform for authentic representation. No more lies. It would empower Black creators, journalists, and storytellers to shape narratives that reflect their experiences and the truest form. Honesty scares a liar to death.

    1. Control Over Narratives: By eliminating external influences, such a company could prioritize stories that resonate with the Black community. It would foster pride, resilience, and unity.

    1. Keep Out All Whites and Jewish involvement: Point our cameras on the white and Jewish communities to promote their crimes rates every night on our news.

B. Economic Empowerment


    1. Wealth Creation: Black ownership in media translates to wealth creation within the community. Profits circulate back, supporting education, entrepreneurship, and generational prosperity.

    1. Job Creation: An all-Black media company would create jobs, providing employment opportunities for Black professionals across various fields.

3. The Omnipresent Live LLC Black Media Mecca


A. Vision


    1. Founding Principles: Omnipresent Live LLC’s Black Media Mecca would be founded on principles of excellence, authenticity, and community upliftment.

    1. Bridge to Generations: By bridging the past, present, and future, this Mecca would ensure that the next 10 ten generation inherits a legacy of empowerment.

B. Transformative Impact


    1. Representation: Black stories would take center stage, challenging stereotypes and celebrating resilience.

    1. Educational Programming: The Mecca would offer educational content, fostering intellectual growth and critical thinking.

    1. Economic Empowerment: Profits would fund scholarships, entrepreneurship programs, and community initiatives.



The Black Media Mecca envisioned by Omnipresent Live LLC transcends mere business—it becomes a beacon of hope, a catalyst for change, and a testament to the enduring power of Black voices in shaping our world.

We are already taking out a tiny chunk of the media land scape in various areas. Get off of any platform that is not owned by a person of color. On our platform, we actually pay you up to 100% of your earnings plus you retain ownership of your content. Omnipresent Live would like to formally invite you to the following:


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