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Promo Stage is a new series from the minds at OmnipresentLive. This interesting show was almost actually called “A Open mic on Steroids”. There are no judges to tell you if you are good, bad or terrific. Just the stage and the audience watching you in 96 countries. Sign up here:

1. Create your channel / store
2. Upload and Release your content. Just set a price or allow it to be free!
3. Add a profile image and a few other details
4. Add a description and press publish

Optional:  Purchase a press release to inform News papers, blogs. Click to learn more

That’s it! Nothing else to be done!

You have just published your first audio or video with or without a price, now you can share and monetize around the world. Your content is now #omnipresentlive

10 Items


Siobhan Roome

Sam Page

Sarah Delucchi

Dwane Platt

Marie Wagenman

Oscar Avila

10 Items


Jack Rapke

Craig Luck

Andy Berman

Adam Merims

Leslee Feldman

Linda Dowds

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