Dark Matter – Episode 3
The crew of the Raza faces a dire situation when the ship’s life support systems begin to fail. In their…
Dark Matter – Episode 2
The crew members of the Raza begin to learn more about their mysterious circumstances. They discover a locked room containing…
The Heat
“The Heat” is a 2013 American buddy cop comedy film directed by Paul Feig, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.…

Mystery-comedy series that follows the adventures of twins Dipper and Mabel Pines during their summer vacation in the peculiar town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Throughout the series, the twins encounter supernatural creatures, uncover hidden secrets, and unravel the mysteries surrounding the town’s enigmatic past. With its blend of humor, adventure, and heartwarming moments, “Gravity Falls” explores themes of friendship, family, and growing up in a delightfully quirky and unpredictable setting.

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