Mary Poppins is a beloved fictional character created by author P.L. Travers. She is a magical and enigmatic nanny who appears in the book series and subsequent film adaptations. Mary Poppins is known for her distinctive appearance, typically depicted wearing a prim and proper Victorian-era nanny outfit, complete with a hat adorned with cherries. She carries a magical carpetbag that seems to contain an endless array of items and surprises. Mary Poppins is characterized by her no-nonsense demeanor, impeccable manners, and her ability to bring whimsy and wonder into the lives of the children she cares for. Despite her stern exterior, she possesses a kind heart and a knack for teaching important life lessons through fantastical adventures. She is practically perfect in every way, and her magical abilities often manifest in unexpected ways, such as flying with an umbrella or talking to animals. Overall, Mary Poppins is a timeless symbol of imagination, adventure, and the power of kindness.

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